Tetra Pak® on sustainability at DairyTech 2020

Tetra Pak on sustainability trends

The world’s leading provider of solutions for processing and packaging food products, and DairyTech 2020 Strategic Sponsor Tetra Pak®, used the event to talk about a key issue in the dairy industry.

Dominating DairyTech’s business programme, dedicated to issues surrounding milk and dairy products production, was the issue of sustainable development throughout the supply chain and retail of dairy products.

According to Alexander Krivolapov, CEO of Tetra Pak in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia and the Caucasus, in the coming years, special attention will be paid to creating a low carbon and closed-loop economy, as well as reducing the environmental impact of production.

Криволапов Tetra Pak DairyTech выставка

This approach correlates with consumer trends: as noted by Dina Epifanova, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development at Tetra Pak in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Southeast Europe, the number of consumers who choose sustainable products and packaging is growing rapidly.

Епифанцева выставка DairyTech

Today, 75% of global consumers are concerned about environmental issues, 88% are prepared to favour a brand with sustainable packaging when choosing food products, and 86% believe that attention to environmental issues will grow in the next five years.

Tetra Pak experts emphasised that this is an excellent opportunity for retailers to begin to formulate a competitive offer and create a customised product that interests consumers.

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