The exhibition "Dairy and meat industry" solves business problems of companies

During 4 days of the exhibition the stand of the plant was visited by about 6000 people from 22 countries. Applications for the purchase of equipment TAURAS-FENIX has left the managers and chief engineers from 363 companies

In March at the largest international exhibition "Dairy and meat industry“the plant TAURAS-FENIX introduced several new products including packing-packing equipment for dairy production.

During 4 days of the exhibition the stand of the plant was visited by about 6000 people from 22 countries. Applications for the purchase of equipment TAURAS-FENIX has left the managers and chief engineers from 363 companies.

The largest number of requests was received for the manufacture of PASTPAK — machines for packing dairy products, cottage cheese, yoghurts, sour cream, spreads in plastic containers: glasses, baths, cans and buckets, followed by sealing them with foil or film and capping with a lid.

The exhibition was presented with a new POSTPAK OR — cost-effective modification of the basic machine rotary type, designed to solve non-standard tasks. On the model POSTPAK OP (open rotor) on the stand of the plant specialists of TAURAS-FENIX and company the WORLD of PACKAGING has introduced a special offer for packing thermostat yogurt in exclusive containers.

Traditionally high interest of visitors caused the car PURPAC-3000, a model of the automatic rotary-linear type for packaging of liquid dairy products in rectangular packages of high-density cardboard with double-sided polyethylene coating (packaging type Pure Pak, Tetra Rex, Diamоnd Curve) with a capacity of 3000 packages per hour.

Model horizontal wrapper, having no analogues in Russia — LINEPACK F3М BOX MOTION had already been sold on the first day of the exhibition. During the exhibition, 3 companies applied for the production of this machine. LINEPACK Ф3М is suitable for packing shelf stable products in packages flowpack using the technology of MAR (creating in the package a protective gas environment). The BOX MOTION Assembly allows to work with high-strength films, for example, barrier films, keeping productivity up to 80 packages per minute. The machine was demonstrated on the example of hard cheese packaging.

Another machine presented at the exhibition — TRIBLOCK-1000, a universal machine for filling dairy products in PET containers. This is a compact monoblock, combining the functions of rinsing, filling and capping bottles.

Sergey Chesnov, head of dairy Department of sales:

“We always try to come to the exhibition not empty-handed: we bring new items and popular models of packaging equipment. Demonstrate their work on the real product and models, in order to experts dairies were able to assess the performance of our equipment, dimensions, design features, quality, packaging. Next to us at the stand work design engineers, developers of our equipment, talk about the principles of operation of machines, their advantages and technical properties.

In 4 days we accepted more than 350 applications, today they are almost in full processed, contracts are signed, production of cars is begun. During the exhibition all models presented at the stand were sold, and this proves once again that our equipment is in demand and interesting to dairy producers. Moreover, as part of the state program to subsidize production costs, we provide our customers with a discount of 15% on all models of TAURAS — FENIX equipment.”